Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And So it begins

I am sitting here at 5:35 am for five more minutes before I have to leave for the church and for Seminary.
I had nightmares all night that when I got there my room wouldn't be set up anymore and that I started yelling at some other teacher. I had to teach in a crappy trailer but the kids didn't care because I brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I had never had a nightmare before but the CES director said, at our last conference, that he never felt like he was ready until he had one. I just wish I would have had one the night before since I got to sleep in a bit.
Wish me luck! Report later today!


thepainterfamily said...

yeah katherine! you are one AWESOME lady! I think you're going to have a great year! (um...and just the MENTION of your cookies, of any kind, has my mouth watering!) YYUUMM!

Beckle the Freckle said...

Good Luck Kainty! You are one talented, awesome teacher. I know the kids will love you just like always. How can they not?


Frau Bailey said...

I am sure that it went great. I love those crazy teaching dreams. Our true feelings seem to come out and inadequacies. You are awesome, no worries.

Matthew Ware said...

Okay, I NEED the recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Seriously.

Heather said...

Mmmmm...pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!!!!