Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A memory, a memory, does anyone have a memory?

Two of my bff's did this on their blog so I thought I might as well do it too since one of them tagged me to do it anyway.

Here is how the game is played kids:

1) Think of a memory about me. It could be one with us together, one you heard about or one you witnessed.

2) Leave said memory in the comments. Anything is fair game but be nice! :-)

3) Post the instructions on your blog so I can return the favor!


thepainterfamily said...

I think my favorite memory of you (and your whole fam) was the trip out west with you guys! attending your family reunion and whatnot, everyone was just like "cool" give her a hamburger! haha! and going to vegas, and your family cabin, and yellowstone. Loved it all! Another memory, is when I was in HS, and you were in Singles ward, I always thought you were so cool to have all your friends over all the time! (intimidated too) but awesome that you always hung out, and made yumming cookies...(I'm still thinking about the cookies from yesterday!) haha!

Emily Anne said...

My first memory of you, Kathryn, is when I was new in town and it was Valentine's Day. Do you remember? I was living with my cousin and I had called around to find out where I was supposed to go to church. Somehow you found out I was new and called me up. You invited me to the Valentine's Dance, but you were so bubbly it totally freaked me out. The conversation went something like this:
"Hi, I'm Kathryn" - sounding like you were bouncing up and down
"Were having a Valentine's Dance and you should come.- sounding way over cheerful
"No thanks"
"Are you sure? It would be fun. You should come."
"ummm....(I was totally freaked out by this time wondering how to get off the phone and really not wanting to go because I didn't want to meet the crazy girl who was calling me) No thanks."

At that point I think you gave me directions that I didn't write down, just in case I changed my mind.

Once I got to know you I liked you, but that first phone call scared me to death ;)

Heather said...

I remember that special Family Home Evening we had at your house when we all stayed on your parents bed, and your parents were downstairs demonstrating what we sounded like coming and going from Casa de Kantrun.

Then there was that weird walnut fight we had at my apartment, and Mary almost killed us by closing the flu on the fireplace...while it was still lit.

The first time we met you approached me at church and we started talking about bowling. I love how you put yourself out there to strangers.

Good times...good times.

K2 said...

Tara--I had no idea you looked up to me in that way. Thanks! Also, that trip to UT was pretty fun and you were a great sport to hang out with all of the Kieffer's (if I remember correctly)

Em-It wasn't a dance but a fun non-V-day party that Rachael and I were having at our rockin apartment. Aimee Wayment's dad called me and made me call you. I don't normally do that so there must have been a reason for it. Did I mention that I DID introduce you to your husband? :-) But I remember how scared you sounded on the phone..sorry that I scared you.

Headhurt, that FHE was THE BEST! I haven't laughed so hard as I did then because mom and dad were hysterical..especially in my bathroom. The walnut fight, Christmas in general and almost dying from smoke inhalation. All good times. You rock the house.

Beckle the Freckle said... do I choose one single memory? There are so many good ones! My favorites will always be any time we had sleepovers at your house...all hormonal and angsty, listening to the Monkees, watching DPS or writing Lambadaman. And stealing things out of your pantry to hide in the bushes! I still don't know why we did that. :S

Hey...remember the time I came to pick you up for choir rehearsal and my car died so we were late? Or the time you made super garlic casserole? Or the time I saw that a boy's house was for sale and I was so upset I nearly hit another car? Or the time we walked clear in the crap up to said boy's house? (And I think the trek started down at my house, went to RCH's and up to yours before that...because we were like 14 and couldn't drive.)

For some reason a very clear memory of riding that stationary fan bike in your basement just popped into my head. WOOHOO!

I remember when you let me feel your stray kidney and we grossed RCH out.

Or when I came to KC with morning sickness and slept on your couch and ate your pickles. And you made the most awesome spaghetti! Man...why don't you live closer? :)

Love you, small friend! *MWAH!*

The Wehrmeister's said...

Out of all of our many many memories together I think that my favorite one was when you left your first message on my blog... I knew then that we were BFF.