Thursday, August 14, 2008

You can call me "Grace" for short

I seem to be hurting myself a lot lately. Apparently I inherited this trait from Grandma Kieffer who has fallen a lot in her life and broken numerous bones like her shoulder and knee.
Why, you may ask yourself, have I decided to write about this particular subject when I could thrill you with hilarious stories of teenage Seminary angst. Well, something happened on Tuesday night that could only happen to me.
I was leaving work and walking towards my car. Recently, the ramps on the sidewalks had been repainted yellow so you could see know for safety. It was raining, I was kind of hurrying so I wouldn't get too wet. I had my very heavy Seminary bag on one shoulder and my purse on the other. I was also carrying a bottle of water, my lunch bag and a baggie of tangerine sections for a snack on the way home. I felt like a pack horse. Anyhoo, before I know it I am smack flat on my "can" or "rear end" or "bottom" on the ground. It happened so fast I can't recall falling just that one minute I was upright and walking and the next I am on the wet ground....did I mention I was also in a dress?
Thankfully, the ramps have been repainted and all should be well come the next rainfall.
But that got me thinking about the other accidents I have suffered in my life because, apparently, I can't walk properly.
Once, after returning from a family trip, I was very excited to see my cat Bandit. I ran down our long flight of stairs in Bountiful and I slipped on the bottom stair and twisted both of my ankles. Did I get any sympathy from my family? No, they stepped over me and told me to get up and help unpack the car. They were sorry the next day when both of my feet were black and blue.
Then a few years ago, I was exiting my friend Emily's car which was a 2 door Ford Focus. My other friend Matt (and Emily's husband now) was helping me out but somehow I tripped on the edge of the car and rolled both of my feet breaking my right foot. I was in a cast and on crutches for 6 weeks and in a boot for another 6 after that little episode.
I am doomed. I will probably break something else soon. Its in the genes.


Matthew Ware said...

Yeah, that was a fun time in Omaha. I remember driving you home to KC in your Explorer truck with your foot propped on the dash. Good times.

Eliza said...

I agree with your dad...maybe we should ask your ward to pray for your rear end ;-D I hope your not sore anymore!