Friday, October 10, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Dearest readers I need your help. My siblings and I, along with their spouses, have traded names for Christmas for the last few years. Because there are so few of us some of the spouses have to give to each other which I guess isn't so bad but it can be hard to figure out a rotation that will work out for everyone. I am in the market for any suggestions on how to go about doing a rotation in my family. There are 6 of us, 8 including my parents which we might include in the rotation this year but I haven't quite decided. So, faithful readers, please help! Thanks!


melissa said...

My family started a system years ago where the first year everyone bought gifts for the sibling just younger than them. (Married sibilings count as one.) The next year, we gave to the person younger than the person younger than us, and so on and so on. It works well because we know all year long who we will have for Christmas.

thepainterfamily said...

ummm...this is always an issue with us too! :) I've done different things on both sides of the family. Once for Dave's family we all brought a "universal" gift and did a little exchange (kinda like white elephant) with drawing numbers and stealing! haha! it was pretty fun!

Paula said...

The problems I have at Christmas time is knowing what to buy people. My husband is a real pain, and I don't want to be boring and just buy him socks. Luckily this year will be easier as I have found several websites such as, which have some really unusual gift ideas that will hopefully raise some smiles at Christmas.