Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Update: A Temple in Kansas City

The location of the newly announced Temple in KC has been confirmed/announced by the church. It will be in Shoal Creek so it will have a MISSOURI address. That is awesome. Who would have thought that we would have a temple so soon in KC? I simply cannot wait for it to be done so I can come and go to the open house. Rock on.


Matthew Ware said...

My favorite spot would be Clay County. I liked the Liberty idea, but I just don't know if they have the real estate available in the Liberty Jail area.

I'll be interested to see where exactly they put it in the Shoal Creek area. It is a nice area. And we wouldn't want a temple in Overland Park because it would just go to their heads :P

I don't even care if the temple is tiny and ugly (though are any temples really ugly?) I'm just glad we're getting one.

thepainterfamily said... cool! My old ward boundries! I have to admit...I did NOT see that coming! :)

Heather said...

A bloggy friend of mine speculated on the Shoal Creek location.

Are there renderings of the temple posted somewhere?

K2 said...

I think the church had that land already a long time ago and I think it is a great location. Matt you are right about it being in OPK going to their heads. Besides, KCK got the racetrack right? :-)
HP, not sure if there are artist's renderings but I would keep my eye on the newsroom on because it will be there first. :-)

Frau Bailey said...

Just for the record...I voted "by the airport" it was a little selfish of me but now I am so excited that I will be living 10 mins from a temple! What a blessing!