Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why my mom should join Facebook (an open letter)

Dear Mom,
I know that you don't want to do Facebook (FB) now or ever. I have tried to talk you into it several times but to no avail. I know that you read my blog so I thought I would list a few reasons you should join FB and be cool like the rest of us.

    • You could reconnect with old friends..like from High School or other places we used to live.
    • You could see pictures of Little G that aren't sent to your phone. For instance, did you know that Liz posted a whole group of pictures with him in all of his hats. If you were on FB you could have seen them by now.
    • You could not only be your kids mom but their FRIEND too.
    • You could be friends with Dad and then tell everyone on FB that you are
      married..just so everyone is clear.
    • You could see pictures of your kids that OTHER people post.
    • You would be popular I am sure. I can think of at least 20 people
      right now that I would suggest to be your friend.
    • You are cool like that and FB would only make you cooler.
    • You love me.
    • You love me the most and I am your favorite.
    • You love me the most, I am your favorite and shouldn't that be enough?

See mom? There are plenty of reasons to join FB. I only wrote down 10 because I was running out of room. But seriously, you should think about it. I love you!!!



Matthew Ware said...

Reason number 11: Facebook totally makes it easier to stalk people. Even people you already know and have no reason to stalk!

Heather said...

Reason #12: I have to get my Momma Lue Love somehow...