Thursday, December 04, 2008

Can it really be this hard?

So after my poll, I decided to give the old Internet a try. I will be careful I promise and y'all can come along for the ride. It will be fun. I hope.
Anyway, I went to my first site today to sign up but became stumped. I can never figure out what to write for the "introduction" part of the profile. I want to sound cool so people will want to date me but at the same time I feel like I'm bragging about myself. I guess that is what you want to do. Kind of like an interview for dating.
How sad is that? An interview for dating?
But I digress....
I figured since most of you know me pretty well, what would you write if you were me? It doesn't have to be long to start with but how do I portray myself and who I am in mere words? So, dear readers, please help me out. Write something in the comments you think I should include in my profile.

And thanks!


Matthew Ware said...

"I am the best friend you will ever meet. I am fiercely loyal to my friends. I enjoy reading, theater, and good movies. I can stay up all night just talking and goofing off. Family is important to me."

Something along those lines?

And make sure you put up a picture. I never bothered with profiles that didn't have pictures.

Jacob, Shawn, Joseph, and Shae said...

I would ditto what Matt said and maybe add what you do/have done for work. Good luck!

RCH said...

Dating is always like interviewing (and/or auditioning)! That's why I never liked it. It's fun once you get past that first awkward bit, I guess, but introductions.... Bleh!

I will try to remember witty and articulate words and get back to you, my fabulous friend. :-)

Verification word: rowrionf. Rowr!