Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dear Fox: An Open Letter

Dear Fox Channel,
I hate you. I guess hate is a strong word but I am very sad. On Tuesday night as I was watching my new favorite show, Fringe, I found out that new episodes won't be occurring until January.
No Joshua Jackson? No mysterious Pattern? No Olivia? Nothing? Nada? Nil? What is up with that?
I'm not sure I can live without Fringe and I just wanted you to be aware.



Matthew Ware said...

December is the time where most series go into hiatus. You'll have reruns and holiday specials until January.

I have a hard time getting into most new shows because my schedule leaves very little time to watch TV. Fox is more evil than most because they jack around schedules, especially when American Idol is on. It's hard to figure out when your favorite show will be on.

Emily Anne said...

It's only because Fox is evil and wants us all to suffer through the holidays without our TV shows. CBS still plays shows. CSI: was on last night (thank goodness). I hate Fox but love their TV. I'm so confused.