Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nostalgia: Simon and Garfunkel

For Christmas Mom and Dad gave me a CD of favorites from Simon and Garfunkel. As I was listening to it the other day and particularly to one song I thought about my senior year of high school.

One of my best friends, RCH, liked to make me mix tapes in high school and she would often put one or two Simon and Garfunkel songs on there. Cecilia was one of my favorites and the other was the one about organdy but I can't remember the title.

The problem was that my car, the infamous Flipper-Myrtle-Turtle-Wood, didn't have a radio. Well, it did while my dad was driving it from Oregon to Utah but then it quit working. RCH said it was no problem so we "borrowed" a radio with tape player from her mom's house. I think her mom missed it but only really knew it was missing when RCH brought it back at the end of the year.

Imagine, if you will, me and RCH and Beckle the Freckle driving around the thriving metropolis of Bountiful, UT in my 1973 powder blue Nova with the "boom box" radio with the tape player on the floor of the passenger side rockin' out to Simon and Garfunkel and the like.

I never had to wash that car either because the paint was so faded that it NEVER showed dirt. We had lots of fun in that car. Now as I'm driving my Ford 500 and listening to Simon and Garfunkel I remember those carefree days with two of the most important people in my life.


GA MTNS said...

I'm all for naming cars but you went over the top with that one ;)
Cute story!

Jonathan Plowman said...

I remember that car . . . sort of. You *were* a menace to the streets of Bountiful, from what I recall. =)

Rosalynne said...

Goodness, the memories. My first car was a 74' banana yellow, 2 door Dodge Dart. It had an am radio, a cassette player, no power anything.... ahhh the days!

Matthew Ware said...

Three things:

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

You should always name your car.

That's why I like silver or gray cars. They never look as dirty.

Beckle the Freckle said...

Your Nova and my Oldsmobile Omega Salon (aka RUSS T. WONDER) were the best cars ever. :) Remember the song? "Nova, Nova, NOoOOOva! Sliding Off the Road-A!"

Those were the days. I miss driving to Viewmont in your car!

And listening to S&G always reminds me of you guys...especially "Only Living Boy In New York" when I'm feeling nostalgic. :)

Oh hey! Remember how you found that tape of Bob & Doug somewhere? And we'd listen to it on the absconded radio in your car? I think I still have it somewhere!