Monday, June 22, 2009

Polling Along

A new poll on the sidebar and TWO new posts after this one. Please don't anyone faint. :-)


GB, RN said...

Holy Moly! I hope you didn't hurt yourself with all that posting!!! lol

thepainterfamily said...

I've gotta say, being a recent pro at moving, the PACKING is horrible.

The worst part is not even the packing boxes and's the 2 hours before you are done, when you are looking around at all the random crap that doesn't really go anywhere, yet isn't quite trash. URGGHHH. I hate that part.

of course, I've never experienced the gloriousness that is hired movers. I think that might be nice.

irish said...

christopher and christy had a baby boy tuesday, july 7. his name is matthew lee young. this is a blessing especially after having their baby die last year. their emma isabelle will be 3 next month.

i enjoy reading your post--what few there are and wish you well in your move and in your new home. you are a very dear friend.