Monday, April 12, 2010


Sitting in church this past Sunday (for just Sacrament meeting..not feeling THAT great yet) I cringed as I heard the first two announcements for singles activities. Singles over 31 to 101 that is. I always expect someone in my family to poke me or give me a significant look. A look that says, "You really should go to these."

And I know I probably should to support the program and blah blah blah. I have always resisted going to any of the singles firesides. When I say firesides I mean meetings on Sunday. There is no fire involved its just something it is called in church culture. I didn't even like to go to singles firesides when I was younger. Especially with topics like, "Being happy and being single" or "Finding your perfect mate." The topics weren't quite that bad and I thought I had heard everything as a topic for a singles fireside.

Until Sunday....

The topic for this week's fireside?

Get ready its very exciting....


Seriously? Sleep disorders? For a singles fireside?

To each his own I suppose but my attitude about firesides definitely has taken a sharp turn for the worse.


GB, RN said...

Rats! I missed out on this golden opportunity. I could have gone and regaled them with tales of Ambien!!

An interesting topic to some medical folks, not sure for singles. Very odd.

thepainterfamily said...


Oh now...I think you're jumping to conclusions.

All this really means is that you don't want to hang out with/date the people on the fireside planning committee. Everyone else is still cool.


Haney family said...

As I would say to Shaun, Seriously.? :) I'm sure u missed a rivioting fireside, hehe:)
P.S. Shaun is just laughing away at this one:)

Jared said...

Just a thought, but a more informative title would have been "Sleep disorders because of being single" or something like that, you know, to really drive the point home.

Rain said...

Are you sure the title wasn't something like
"The Joy of Sleeping Single (because once you marry and have kids you'll never sleep again)"

Or maybe they are gearing toward the 101 crowd, old people never sleep.

Seriously the funniest topic I've heard!

GB, RN said...

I'm going to go with Jared on this one. I'm sure that once you got there, they would tell you that people lose sleep because they are constantly worried about if they will ever marry. And that they shouldn't lose sleep worrying over such things, even though single people commonly have sleep disorders because they are a menace to society and blathercakes.

juanita said...

That is a bizarre topic for a fireside, yikes! The most boring "singles activity" I attended had exactly two people- me and the one who planned the activity, it was a tour of the family history materials.

I found your blog while googling firesides in a moment of procrastination. I wish you the best as you face your health challenges, not to try to say something trite but you seem like a very strong person, and I hope all will be well for you.

anyway may you have lots of strength!