Thursday, February 23, 2006


So I just wrote a very lovely post and the computer decided to freeze up as I was trying to check the spelling. I guess I will try to recreate it and also not check the'll just have to forgive me.

Just a quick post before I head off to bed and reading of Harry Potter. I am obsessed again with finding things I hadn't seen before so I started with Goblet of Fire as I saw the movie so many times in the theatre I wanted to see what was different. I have to say they adapted the book very well for the movie and I can't wait to get it on DVD. I think I'll read through Half Blood Prince and keep looking for clues. Don't know if I can wait for another year or more until the next book but I guess I will have to with the rest of the world.

Feeling pretty despondent about not having a job but I guess good things will come my way. I just need to be patient. I feel like I've applied to all the applicable jobs in the Atlanta Area and hopefully I haven't applied to the same position more than once. I figure that would seem pretty desperate.

I miss my friends and family in KC (and Boise and Murray and Lubbock too) but I am glad I made this decision because it was the right one. I promise to keep all of you posted on my life and do better at blogging.

Love you all.


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Mikki said...


Harry Potter on DVD, WOOHOOO March 7!!! I am excited too, if you can't tell. Don't be too down about your job search because you will find something great for you when the time is right. I applause your efforts in applying to every job in the city though!! :) We miss you too. So does the raft. Keep smiling Kainty, and go get 'em.