Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Deer and Hunter

Yesterday I decided that today in Seminary we would play some pioneer games. Of course we started out with stick pulling. The response from the kids was wasn't the lamest thing I have ever thought of. Then we played a version of Blindman's bluff called Blindman's stick. You blindfold one person and then give a stick, or in our case one of Grandma's canes, to another person. The blindfolded person has to guess who is on the other end of the stick. The information I read about the pioneers said that the children would mimic animals to try and trick the person guessing. It was pretty funny but again not a big hit as far as I could tell.

THEN...I decided to try another game that I had read about but had never played or seen played. It is called Deer and Hunter. You blindfold two people and put a table in between them. In our case through the process we used 3 small classroom tables placed together but making a wider area for the "hunt". One of the blindfolded people is the deer and the other is the hunter. The point of the game is for the hunter to "catch" the deer. The information I read online said this was a popular game and that children enjoyed watching this game as much as playing.

Knowing my students I figured that there was NO WAY they would enjoy watching it as much as playing it. It was pretty funny and we all laughed so hard as the hunter tried to catch the deer and the deer tried to avoid being caught.

One memorable round was between two of my boys who are good friends and about the same height. They both hopped on the table but they didn't know the other was right next to them. We were all laughing.

I think I succeeded in not having this activity turn out lame. My students crack me up!

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