Thursday, April 19, 2007

Contemplating Exercise

Let me explain a little bit about my aversion to exercise. I know its good for you blah, blah, blah so you don't need to send me a comment about that.

Here's the thing. I've always hated gym. I think its because I wasn't very coordinated (I know it sounds odd from the person who took ballet but I wasn't particularly gifted at that either) and I got made fun of a lot in gym especially in junior high. Oh junior high how I hated you. I have vivid memories of doing the "army boot camp" work out with my too large glasses sliding precariously down my sweaty face. I can remember my terror at having to shower with other people because they MADE us do it back then. Mostly I would wrap my towel around myself run into the shower and run out. I figured that was good enough.

High school wasn't really any better. Sophomore year I opted not to be in the Pep Club (me and RCH and that was fun at least we were in the same class) so we were stuck playing "team sports" with mostly all guys. They were competitive and rude. To this day I cannot play volleyball because I am afraid I will get smacked in the face. As high school progressed my friends and I thought up "creative" ways to play sports and still participate but not work very hard. I am sure you can guess that no one really wanted us on their team. Below is a sample of our creativity in gym.

Softball/Baseball: Play outfield and watch the ball roll in the grass past you. Casually and slowly walk and pick it up. Throw somewhere. Mostly just watch everyone else play.

Running: Walk.

Volleyball: Because the guys in our gym classes were such jerks we decided that they could do all the work. So again we used the tactic of moving out of the way of the ball. The guys wanted to hit the ball anyway so we let them. This didn't make us very popular either..not that we cared.

Badminton: This was our favorite and this is where we got split up on different teams. First we invented Blind Badminton. Basically you would close your eyes and wave your racket around hoping to hit the little birdie thing. The next was Badminton on your knees. But then we got lazy and sat on the ground. This is where our brainiac of a gym coach decided to split us up.

That's the background on my aversion to physical activity. I want to be healthy and exercise and all that jazz but I don't know the best way to go about it. Should I join a gym? Should I try to do something at home? We have two types of exercise equipment at home so that would be easy and free. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know you just have to get out there and do it but I don't know how to start.


R Matthew Ware said...

Um, don't join a gym. They're expensive, and you'll regret the sign up fee you paid when you realize that you never go. I would use the equipment at home. Maybe get your mom to go on walks with you. Do you have a dog? They're great for walks. No dog? Put a leash on Pete. I'm sure he wouldn't mind :)

Matt W

K2 said...

A leash on pete? Now that would be a miracle. Thanks for the are a sweetie!

RCH said...

I love the idea of a leash for Pete! LMAO, I'm sure he'd loooove that. :-D

I suggest getting Dance Dance Revolution. I share your exercise angst, as you know; I can't even exercise alone in the privacy of my own home, all by myself, without feeling self-conscious and idiotic. I can't do aerobics; I can't do pilates; I can't do yoga; I can't do the exciting World Dance video I bought last year with such high hopes.... I'm too clutzy to follow the steps, even at the slowed down beginner's pace, and it makes me feel all ashamed and stupid. :-(

But! Dance Dance Revolution is different! (For me, at least.) You've got the little mat with places to step on, you've got cheesy music that's stupid enough that you can laugh rather than feel incompetent about the process, and if you're playing it with someone else that competitive vibe kicks in. Who cares if you suck at it! It totally gets your heart rate up, it's ACTUALLY fun (as opposed to just potentially fun, like my crappy World Dance video that I can't do) and the cheese factor is so enormously high that there's no point feeling self-conscious. I love it.

I don't actually have DDR, sadly (if we had a Play Station or XBox or whatever you need, I would never see my husband again), but Eliza does and it's the bomb. Two thumbs up from me.

anna jo said...

I think the trick is just finding what you like to do... not everyone loves running, not everyone loves going to the gym, not everyone loves lifting weights, etc. but if you find something you actually like doing, then you're more apt to stick with it.

Emily said...

We always went for walks as a family after dinner and before dessert (yum). That is the best way in my opinion. Matt and I take Roxy and Will and we go. It's fun and Matt really makes me go longer than I want, so it's good for me.