Thursday, March 20, 2008


Isaiah was a success to teach! I really enjoyed teaching and studying to teach it. The kids enjoyed it as well. I asked them yesterday what they liked most about Isaiah and these are a few of their responses:

"It was eye-opening and it applies to us today."
"I love Isaiah!"

The second one really warmed my heart because I was so unsure of myself I didn't know how the kids would react to Isaiah but they managed to do a great job and pay attention more or less.



Becca said...

Hey! Where do you get your ideas to teach seminary? Do they have seminary teacher manuals?

Just wondering because it seems like all my old seminary teachers had way more exciting things than my church teachers did to help teach and I'm just wanting to spice up my lessons a bit more cuz I think my church kids get bored with what is in the lesson manuals (plus it takes me like 10 mins to teach what they put in there).

Any ideas?

Btw, add me to the list for your new blog!

K2 said...

I do have teachers manuals but mostly I HATE it. I think the ideas are boring and not creative. Once in a while I will use an idea that I get in there. For example, when we talked about Jonah I made up "mission calls" and had the kids open them and read them aloud. Then we talked about what they would most fear from serving in that particular place and led into a discussion of Jonah.
One thing that works pretty well is letting them act out the story or whatever you are talking about. They like that and it breaks up the monotony of just talking.
Split them up in groups and give them blocks of scriptures to read and report back on. Give them questions that they must answer or supplies to make a visual aide.
Depending on the ages of your kids you could also have them work in teams and find things in the scriptures.
What age are you teaching?
When I taught Mia Maids I thought that manual was yuck so I did my own thing but followed the lesson too. Its also helpful to do a few different things during the hour, again to break things up.
Have them write about what you are learning or prepare a 2 minute talk.
If they are in Seminary you could ask them to find a scripture mastery that corresponds to your lesson from any of the standard works.
Apparently I could go on. I know there are some other good ideas so I will do a separate post but hopefully this will help you.
You rock!

R Matthew Ware said...

Hey, Isaiah is cool, if you have someone telling you what it means. I'm sure you're a great teacher. Especially since your kids told you so. Kids that age won't lie about that.

ErichBecky said...

Hi Kathryn....WOW! It has been a long time since I have seen or talked to you. I found your this so cool to catch up with you. Congrats on being a seminary teacher. Well I am married we celebrated our 2 years in February. I love it! I'm teaching school in raytown and I love it! We have a blog too.
Take care