Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dear Movie goers---

Is goers even a word? Anyway, here is my letter.

Dear Movie goers,
Please do not answer your cell phone while you are at the movie. Better yet why don't you just leave them in your car? Do you really need to talk to your BFF RIGHT BEFORE THE MOVIE????
Please use your inside voice when you are trying to communicate to your neighbor. I don't want to hear every single comment you have to make about the movie. Whisper. Please.

Thank you,


Emily Anne said...

Whatever. You know you love it when people answer their phone. Better yet is when their phone rings on vibrate and they open it up to see who is calling and you get blasted with light in a seriously intense part of the movie. OR when they can't stop texting and you get the glare everytime they text, whick is like a million times an hour.

Matthew said...

Go to a small theater. Sure, the seats aren't as nice, but there's fewer people too.

Or a drive-in. Then you just have to deal with honkers.

I feel your pain. Sometimes at the movies I start to really hate humanity. Indiana Jones was actually a pretty good experience.

Mrs. McMitchell said...

Don't even get me started on movie etiquette or cell phones. I was driving to rehearsal the other day and saw a guy TEXTING on the freeway. Shut off your cell phone! You will live!

And also? Don't take away prime theater seats on opening night from a pregnant lady. (Well, don't do that EVER! I'm just sayin'.) It's ten times as dangerous when you mess with a pregnant woman. I almost ripped a guy's arm out of it's socket at Sweeney Todd.

Rachel Robertson said...

Amen!!! How's your family?