Thursday, January 08, 2009

To clarify...

I liked the Twilight movie. I know that many of you might find that hard to believe after my previous post but those were only suggestions to make the movie EVEN BETTER! I've seen it many times..but not as many times as I saw Titanic in the theatre but I've seen it more than once. Let's just leave it at that.

I loved the music so much that I bought the CD.

I thought Edward and all of the other vampires looked good. My fellow obsessive Twilight friend (name has been omitted to protect the innocent) says that when Carlisle first comes on screen he is wearing too much make up but I disagree. I think he looks HOT!

Ahem..where was I?

I loved Emmet and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice. Although I will say that Jasper was shorter than I imagined him and also looked like he was going to puke for most of the movie and he had 8 lines. Yes 8, I've counted.

The baseball scene was cool and is probably my favorite.

I really did enjoy this movie and I plan to buy it when it comes out on DVD. (At first I wrote video and I knew some of you would decide I was older than dirt for using that verbage.) (Is that how you spell verbage?) (Is that the correct usage of verbage?) (RCH?)

In case you are worried that all I've seen lately is THAT vampire movie I also saw Valkyrie and Bedtime Stories over the holidays and they were good.

That is all.


Emily Anne said...

I liked it too. I didn't like the scene with Bella and Edward in the woods and I didn't like the music, but I liked the movie. I don't think your crazy or anything.

Matthew Ware said...

Guess how many times I saw Titanic in the theatre?